Elaine has been an artist her entire life. She started her career as a technical illustrator depicting subject matter from diapers to intricate machinery assemblies. This was a natural fit, as she thrives on capturing the tiniest details when creating art. She discovered passion for ceramics 20 years ago and has honed her craft over time. Along with drawing and painting, her art has evolved into designing & manufacturing her own rolling pin and stamp patterns. Most of her time now is spent designing and manufacturing rolling pins and stamps, but she still creates pottery every chance she gets. She lives with her husband, son and dogs in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Raising her son and having the privilege of watching him grow is one of her greatest joys of in life. Along with her passion for the arts, nothing beats a great hike up a mountain, a bike ride down a country road or a swim in a local lake. Creating art is what fills her soul, it is not a choice but a necessity to maintain a fullness in her heart.